Hand Made Carpets Industry of Pakistan

The art of making hand knotted carpets has been around for centuries. The first ever hand knotted carpet is believed to have been made by the nomads of Persia. From there, this art spread to other parts of the world. Moghals brought it with them to the sub continent. After partition this has developed into a cottage industry providing livelihood to millions of Pakistanis in our rural as well as urban areas. It also earns invaluable foreign exchange for the country.

Brief Introduction

We can divide hand knotted carpets into three major categories:

  1. Single Knot
  2. Double Knot
  3. Turkish Knot

Single Knot

This product line is a hall mark of Pakistan’s carpet industry. It was one of the first product lines that established Pakistan as an manufacturing country throughout the world. Special blends of Pakistani as well New Zealand Wool is used to give extra shine and finish. Designing and colors are also unmatched. The two major qualities in single Knot are Bokhara, Jaldar and Silk Touch.



Double Knot

This product range is the pride of Pakistan. It is also called Pak Persian. When USA put trade embargo on Iran back in 1979, we got a major break through. We started making Persian design. Later on with the help of American and European designers, we took it to another level. Intricate floral designs with beautiful color combinations are a treat to the eye. These are some of the finest carpets available in the market.

Turkish Knot

Carpets made in this knot are the hottest selling product in the world market. Ziegler or Chobi made with hand-spun vegetable dyed wool is the most sort out quality. It was introduced to us through the Afghan refugees settled in Pakistan. It was further developed and refined by the expert artisans in Pakistan. Other qualities like Kazak, Karghai, Khal Mohammadi are also extremely popular. The latest innovation introduced by the Pakistani manufacturers is called Modern Gabbeh. It is a blend of contemporary as well as Nomadic features blended together in hand spun wool. This product has been selling like hot cakes over the last few years.



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