CARPET TRAINING INSTITUTE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      CTI Building, 27-Empress Road                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Lahore, Pakistan


Capet Training Institute (CTI) is a unique institution of its kind in Pakistan.  It has been setup by the Government of Pakistan (Trade Development Authority of Pakistan) in collaboration of Pakistan Carpet Manufacturers and Exporters Association to provide much needed requirement of qualified/trained supervisory staff for the carpet industry.  The institute is situated in Lahore, the hub of carpet trade is committed to provide services to the industry by removing weaknesses, exploit opportunities and produce qualified technocrats.


  • To create a rich intellectual link between the faculties, staff, students and the carpet industry. To build a knowledge based environment creating innovative products for international carpet market.
  • To create an environment where artistic craft and skills thrive together with theoretical knowledge adding value to carpets fulfilling needs of the international market.

Policy of CTI

  • To provide a qualitative technical education to our students which targets to meet the anticipated requirement of stake holders.
  • To render timely and satisfactory bureau service in all portfolios to industry members.
  • To provide quality management system on continued basis through complying with the requirement of standards.


Carpet Training Institute is situated in the heart of city of Lahore, 1 km from Lahore Railway Station and 10 km from Allama Iqbal International Airport.  The campus is spread over 1500 sq.meters of land.

The Institute has a multi storey building comprising of 3 – labs viz dyeing & finishing, designing and weaving.


The CTI is operating in its own multi storey building having area spread over three kanals.


The institute started functioning academically from June, 2009 and is providing training in following three disciplines:

  1. Weaving
  2. Carpet Designing
  3. Dyeing and Finishing

CTI has been training individuals in the above disciplines since December 2008.


Following staff was initially recruited to supervise/look after the construction work of building:

  • Assistant Quality Supervisor
  • Electrician
  • Guard/Office Boy

Later on, following staff was appointed to administer and run the institute:

  1. Manager Operation                                    1
  2. Office Superintendent                                1
  3. Designers                                                      2
  4. Accountant                                                   1
  5. Caretaker                                                      1
  6. Expert Weaver                                             2
  7. Driver                                                             1
  8. Sweeper                                                         1


The fully equipped Carpet Weaving, Designing and Dyeing Labs provide students with in-depth hands-on experience, enabling them to enhance their skill set with practical knowledge of the carpet industry.  CTI has graduated more than 500 skilled professionals to the carpet industry.


Lab Upgrading

The following equipment/machinery has been installed along with tools and accessories.

  • One Loom 12ft wide
  • Three Looms 10ft wide
  • One Loom 08ft wide
  • Two Looms 06ft wide
  • CTI has established a carpet weaving lab where 6 looms have been installed. Training in different types of knotting is being imparted.  The institute has launched a training program for skill enhancement by switching from the existing conventional knotting system to improve Turkish Knot Weave with the financial support of USAID / Care International.
  • Booria Software
  • Plotter
  • Scanner
  • Camera
  • Computer
  • Laptop

CTI Carpet Designing Lab trained 80 professional designers and new students with the most advanced and modern designing software called ‘Booria’.  This escalates the designing process and makes room for quicker/advance thought levels producing better results.  It broadens the vision of designers under training and of those already employed in the carpet industry.

  1. The Booria software produces a versatile design file that can be resized and modified efficiently and conveniently by applying a few commands. It is programmed to convert the design into the Talam after design completion with pre-programmed design elements.
  1. Bureau Service in Designing

CTI has launched a bureau service for the benefit of Carpet Manufacturers and Exporters members.  The CTI is providing services regarding supply of carpet designs at subsidized rates.  The PCMEA members are being greatly benefited from this facility.  The bureau service has produced and supplied designs to various parties Carpet Manufacturers and Exporters at concessional rates.


Dyeing Lab is equipped with following machinery and equipment:

  • Sample Dyeing Machine
  • Light Box
  • Crock Meter
  • Ph Meter
  • Hardness Testing Kit
  • Balance

The Dyeing and Finishing Department is equipped with high-tech dyeing machinery.  The dyeing apparatus is used for recipe production of all colour shades on woolen yarn and other textile materials with precision and accuracy.  The dyeing lab has capacity to perform different fastness tests on the dyed woolen yarn e.g. washing fastness, rubbing fastness and chlorine bleach fastness etc.

In order to activate Dyeing Department, CTI has hired the services of an experienced Dyer who is imparting training to the trainees in Dyeing.  CTI has so far trained 40 students in dyeing.

Bureau Service in Dyeing

CTI is also planning to introduce bureau service in dyeing where dyeing facility at subsidized rates would be available to carpet community.


1. Carpet Weaving Skill Development Program

CTI has established a carpet weaving lab where seven looms have been installed.  Training in different types of knotting is being imparted.  The Institute launched a training program for skill enhancement by switching from the existing conventional knotting system to the improved weave with the cooperation of USAID / Care International.

1. Training of 24 Trainees (12 Males and 12 Females) in Skilled Development

The duration of TOT program was 3-months starting 3rd March 2010 to 15th June, 2010.  During training, USAID / Care International regularly deputed a monitoring and evaluation team and were very much impressed with the standard of training imparted to the trainees.

  • The CTI Launched Another One Month Training Program For Imparting Training to 72 Trainees At Its Own

The graduated trainees were engaged as master weaver and each master weaver was assigned to train 3 trainees in the improved version of weaving raising the total number to 72 trainees in Bairwala, Safdarabad, Farooqabad and Sheikhpura.

1. Training of 200 Trainees in Skill Development

The USAID / Care International appreciating the benefit of the training program, agreed to launch another phase of training program for 200 trainees, in Bairwala, Safdarabad, Farooqabad and Sheikhpura.

  1. Training of 16 Trainees in Skill Development at Awaghat

CTI launched another one month training program for imparting training to 16 trainees with the cooperation of Label Step International during the year 2012.

  1. Training of 16 Trainees in Skill Development at Hajiabad

CTI also organized another one month training program regarding upgrading skill development program and trained 16 trainees with the cooperation of Label Step International during the year 2013.

In order to sum up the progress made in skill development program, CTI is produced to announce to have trained more than 300 weavers equipped with the skills of modern weaving for switching over production from the conventional system of knotting.  The Pakistan Carpet Manufacturers and Exporters Association will be greatly benefited from this new added skilled labor force.

Launching of Training Program with the Financial Support of Punjab Skill Development Fund (PSDF):

CTI entered into an agreement with Punjab Skill Development Fund (PSDF) for imparting training to twenty (20) trainees, ten (10) in Carpet Designing and ten (10) in Dyeing.  PSDF agreed to provide funds to the tune of Rs. 1,095,780/= to finance the training program.  During training, each trainee was paid Rs. 300/= per day as stipend. The CTI has successfully completed  the said training program on 31st December, 2015.  The training program was regularly monitored on the basis of which our performance was categorized in first ten (10) service provider.  Appreciating the standard of training, PSDF agreed to finance forty (40) trainees; (20 in Designing and 20) in Dyeing) which started in January and successfully completed on 31st March, 2016.

Training in Designing is gaining popularity as a result of which, Lahore Businessmen Association for Rehabilitation of the Disabled (LABARD) recommended four (04) deaf and dumb students for receiving training in carpet designing.


  • CTI conducted experiment regarding use of cheaper raw material i.e. jute and produced four (04) carpets each in size 2’.5” x4’. The product was inspected by carpet producing community and appreciated the initiative.  Carpets are being processed / washed and these will be displayed for inviting comments from stake holders.
  • India has fabricated a carpet hand loom meant for better output / production. CTI has tasked the fabrication of hand loom to National Textile University (NTU) Faisalabad and paid a sum of Rs. 500,000.00 (Rupees Five Hundred Thousand) to them.  The loom is ready and NTU has been asked to produce some samples on this loom.  For this purpose, CTI has agreed and paid salary of carpet loom operator.    If the samples produced on this loom are found suitable, the production of carpets would be increased manifold.
  • Proposal to introduce Loop Knot (Tibetan Knot) is under way and efforts are being made to hire the services of a Nepalese weaver. In this regard, two members delegation has also visited Nepal and it is expected that CTI would be able to hire the services of a Nepalese weaver and we would be able to introduce loop knot system in CTI.

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