November 23, 2017





PCMEA in collaboration with TDAP regularly hold Pakistan Carpet Exhibition on annual basis. This year honourable Secretary TDAP Mr. Inammullah Khan Dharejo paid special attention to the event. Director General TDAP Mian Riaz Ahmed extended fullest support to PCMEA at all stages. Director TDAP, Lahore Mr. Muhammad Ifran actively participated in all relevant meetings and given his valued output. Giving due cognizance to efforts of TDAP to make the event most successful. Director General TDAP, Lahore Mian Riaz Ahmed was invited by PCMEA as Chief Guest to inaugurate the Carpet Exhibition.

In the evening a formal dinner was hosted by TDAP at the best venue in Lahore; Pearl Continental Hotel. Participants and foreign guests felt greatly honoured to be invited to attend dinner arranged by TDAP.

On the second day of exhibition honourable Provincial Minister for Excise and Taxation Mian Shuja-ur-Rehman very kindly agreed to grace the dinner, hosted by Soneri Bank Limited to thankfully acknowledge participation of foreign guests.

Salient features of the exhibition

Participation of 95 importers from all over the world presented soft image of Pakistan to International community and trade organizations.

  • Highlighting craftsmanship of Pakistani workers in the art of carpet weaving.
  • Providing opportunity to Pakistani manufacturers and commercial exporters to showcase their products on the single platform designed by PCMEA and TDAP.
  • Enabling foreign buyers and local exporters to directly interact and finalize on the spot deals.

Operational preparation

Personal interest taken by Mian Riaz Ahmed, Director General TDAP, Lahore has insinuated confidence among PCMEA members to make the event most successful. The financial assistance of TDAP with approval of Secretary TDAP enabled PCMEA to hold the exhibition in better style than previous years. An aggressive marketing campaign instigated by senior members of PCMEA Mr. Abdul Latif Malik, Major (R) Akhtar Nazir Khan, Mr. Qamar Zia and Chairman PICE 2017 Mr. Riaz Ahmed Chaudhry was launched. Following steps were taken well in advance to publicize the exhibition abroad:-

Placement of two advertisements in COVER and HALI, a UK based magazine that is widely read by carpet importers in Europe and the USA.

  1. M/s. Paul Shaper a renowned carpet advertising company were hired to promote exhibition in USA and other countries.
  2. PCMEA members programmed visits abroad to generate awareness and to invite the carpet trade bodies as well as their personal contacts to the exhibition. Mr. Qamar Zia visited the USA and China, Mr. Akhtar Nazir Khan visited UK and the continent and Mr. Abdul Latif Malik accompanied by Mr. Riaz Ahmed Chaudhry and Khawaja Mir Mudassir made an extensive tour of the USA and made strenuous efforts to publicize the exhibition.
  3. Publicity material distributed at Domotex Hannover, Germany and Domotex Shanghai, China.
  4. Through TDAP, Ministry of Foreign Affairs was requested to advise all foreign missions abroad to advertise PICE-2017 and to arrange shows of documentary on manufacturing process of hand-knotted carpets.
  5. PCMEA assisted foreign buyers facing difficulties in procurement of visa for Pakistan by interacting with foreign missions abroad.
  6. From the floor of PCMEA hundreds of invitations to attend the exhibition were sent via email and postal service.

Venue and accommodation of quests

Keeping in view the increased number of guests Flatties Hotel was booked for three days and interior decorator / event organizer was hired.

  • Foreign guests were given 3 nights free complimentary stay in Flatties Hotel and Hotel Hospitality Inn.
  • To and from Airport / Hotel Pick and drop facility arranged for foreign guests through hotels.

Success story

  • About 154 guests accepted the invitations and registered themselves as visitors.
  • The Scrutiny Committee that also included official representation of TDAP for award of Hospitality Package to gests finalized payment of air ticket subsidy amounting to Rs.5,230,000 to 87 buyers from 27 countries. Rental for complimentary stay in hotel availed by the guests Rs.25,57,111/- was also paid tacking the total expenditure to the tune of Rs.77,87,111/-.
  • This year stall charges for exhibitors were reduced by seeking financial assistance from EDFB. This reduction has enabled 72 small and medium sized manufacturers and commercial exporters to take part in the exhibition.
  • Production orders and purchase agreements worth approximately US$.5.796 million were finalized. Since carpet manufacturing is slow process the completion of orders will materialize in next few months. However, carpets bought on the spot will be shipped in a few weeks.


  • Despite depression in the sales of Pakistani hand-knotted carpets in the International market the increase in number of foreign guest’s promises bright prospects for manufacturers and commercial exporters.
  • Foreign visitors appreciated the hospitality extended by PCMEA in collaboration with TDAP and have given a positive feedback in shape of business.


Funds may be transferred to PCMEA much earlier to finalize announcement of hospitality package to guests.

Pakistan Embassies, Consulates and Trade Missions may please be requested to effectively publicize Pakistan International Carpet Exhibition. Business visit visa process for guests invited by PCMEA may also be made easier.

Carpet exhibition be marked as an annual mega event in all exhibitions organized / arranged / participated by TDAP.