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Pakistan Hand knotted Carpet Exhibition is a regular event duly organize by PCMEA in collaboration with TDAP. The event this year is special because of personal attention Our Honorable Commerce Minister, Mr. Engineer Khurrum Dastagir has taken for the promotion of carpet exports. The event was organized at Faletti’s Hotel, Lahore, from 6thto 9th October 2015 and Mr. Dastagir was Chief Guest on our show.

  1. Importance of the Exhibition

1.1.       The Pakistan Hand knotted Carpet Exhibition is lifeline for the exports of Hand knotted Woollen Carpet.

1.2.       It attracts many customers from all over the world, who have opportunity to look the varieties of new products produced by different manufacturers and exporters of Hand knotted Carpets.

1.3.       The exhibitors in general and Small and Medium Entrepreneurs business houses in particular can get access of many buyers to show their production and get orders from them.

1.4.      The presence of so many customers and display of varieties of carpet at one place help in having business deals among exporters and importers of handmade carpets which lead to enhance carpet exports of Pakistan.

1.5.       The buyers have chance to visit the exhibitors’ place and production of their goods to assess the production capacities of manufacturers and exporters for future orders.

1.6.      The availability of stocks from different exhibitors at one place encourage customers for spot sales which leads to increase in exports.

1.7.       That is why the Association is fully focused upon exhibitions and in particular this exhibition, so that reluctant foreigners, who are, due to security problem in Pakistan, hesitate to come here, can be invited for buying and ordering Pakistan hand knotted woolen carpets, so that dwindling exports of carpets can be revived.

  1. Preparation – Lahore Exhibition 6thto 9th October 2015 

2.1        It is after many years our Commerce Minister Engr. Khurrum Dastagir has taken personal attention, and inspire us to bring as much foreign buyers as possible to increase carpet exports and grant 7.5 million(50%increase than last year), which has really motivated our exhibition committee, who have worked day and night to make this event a success.

2.2        A vigorous marketing campaign is launched which have never been done before:-

(a)       Two times advertisement in Carpet XL Magazine

(b)       Advertisement in Cover Magazine which is mostly read by carpet importers of USA and other world.

(c)       Appointment of M/s. Paul Shaper, the most renowned carpet advertising company to circulate our Exhibition add to more than 6000 carpet byers in USA, Europe and other countries.

(d)       Foreign tours were done on members own expenses:-

I        Our Chairman Khawaja M. Shakir visited USA

II       Our Sr. Vice-Chairman Mr. Qamar Zia visited USA & China.

III       Mr. Kamran Razi visited USA.

IV       Exhibition Posters display were done at:-

(i)           Domotex Shanghai China

(ii)         Domotex Hannover Fair Germany

2.3       The following Fashion Schools Universities were requested for their suggestion and improvement:-

(a)       Principle National College of Arts

(b)       Vice Chancellor Pakistan Institute of Fashion & Design

(c)       Principle University College of Arts & Design

2.4       All Commercial Counselor / Consulate General of Pakistan Embassy all over the world to advertise our Carpet Exhibition.

2.5       The Exhibition Organizing Committee extended invitation to more than 1400 foreign buyers from all over the world.

2.6       This time, we have selected Faletti’s Hotel, which have a much bigger space of 30000 sq.ft. instead of 16000 sq.ft which we used to book in PC Hotel.

2.7       This is the first time that interior decorators are hired for the construction of stalls and their décor.

  1. The Results

3.1        Almost 167 foreign buyers registered with the Association

3.2       The Scrutiny Committee which also includes TDAP’s representative approved only 135 buyers for hospitality package. However 87 buyers attended the Exhibition.

3.3       After many years, we have been able to book more than 60 stalls which also include manufacturers & exporters and SME business houses. Almost 50% more than last year.

3.4       Production orders agreement and spot sales worth US$.70,00,000/- were concluded. As production is slow process, so order completion will take time, however spot sales result will got materialized after few weeks.


The Pakistan International Carpet Exhibition 2015 has been very successful particularly looking at the depressing market condition. The exhibition really broke the ice and helped in moving the market which was really very stale. It was an opportunity for the revival of very sharp declining trend. It has really boost the morale of manufacturer & exporters and encourage them for further research and new innovation to increase their share in the international market.


The following measures are strongly recommended for making this event the largest and most successful:

1)         As this event is regular event so every time approval sanctions is hampering he activities of organizing and promoting this event. So, it is highly recommended to sanction this event for every year and with no limit of foreign customers to come.

2)         The funds must be delivered to Association much earlier as lot of our foreign customers could not get hospitality package, as the remaining 2.5 million sanctioned by Commerce Minister Engr. Khurrum Dastagir has been given to us after the Exhibition.

3)         The Commercial Consuler / Consulate General of Pakistan Embassy must play very active role for promotion of this event like Mr. M. Saeed Khan, Consul General, USA has this time did.

4)        Our exhibition must be advertised on all exhibitions duly arranged by TDAP prior to happening this event, so the event is advertised on mass scale.

5)           Lastly and very important that ticket subsidy given to our valuable customers is mere Rs.50,000/- due to scarcity of funds at our end.  We highly recommend to grant full air ticket subsidy to our valued foreign buyers, who come from far flung areas of the world on our invitation to our country.   It is not so that they come for Hospitality Package, as you know the situation of our country.  Their presence in our country is great honour for us and this Hospitality Package is honour from us to them.  Actually they are the valued guest of our country.

Lastly, let us accept that without the full support of Khurrum Dastagir and S.M. Muneer, we would have not done the exhibition so successfully. It is a big encouragement from Khurrum Dastagir that really boost our morale and could enable us to increase our quantum of exhibition to more than 50% than last year.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      (Khawaja M. Shakir)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Chairman

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